The water is supplied to a washing machine via separate pipes for hot and cold water. Each pipe connects to a washer and has shut-off valve for cutting off the water if needed. These shut-off valves are installed tightly to the pipes with the help of compression nuts. By turning the faucet you can enable or shut off the water supply. When you need to enable cold wash cycle, you can simply turn the faucet of hot water valve. The nuts of valve are a weak link of all water supply construction, as they often leak. However, the leakage is easily removable. Here you will find how to repair washing machine shut off valve leak within three simple steps.

washing machine shut off valve leakFirst thing you need to do is to place two adjustable wrenches in proper position: one around the shut-off valve body and the second one around the composition nut. The compression nut is located on the valve’s bottom, it surrounds the water pipe it sits on.

When the wrenches are fixed in this position, just tighten up the compression nut by slow moves, by about 1/8 turn. The steps should be very small in order not to pull it tighter than needed. If the leak doesn’t stop even when the nut is tightened, you need to tighten the supply hose nut also. This should be done in the same way as with the compression nut. Put one wrench around the valve and the second one around the nut. Continue tightening until the leakage stops.

Usually it is enough to stop the washing machine shut off valve leak, but sometimes the problem can stay, because the thread may be broken. In this case you should remove the old shut off valve leak and put a new one. Be careful when tightening it up with wrenches. Sometimes it is reasonable to put some elastic gasket line for better sealing.

It is not difficult to fix such plumbing problems without any paid assistance. The leakage may spoil the floor and other surfaces by stains. Water leakage can soon turn into a serious problem, it will only worsen if not to fix it. That is why try to remove the leak right after you notice its first signs.