Heavy duty washers are the one developed for commercial use. Basically they are very familiar to home washers, but provide bigger capacity and are optimized for much heavier use, being equipped with more durable and expensive parts. As heavy duty machines are made for intensive use, it is very important for it to be energy efficient unit, to consume minimum of energy and water. This peculiarity should be considered when choosing the best heavy duty washing machine for your own business needs.

When comparing different washer models, compare their drum and body size. If there are two models with the same body dimensions, but the one has bigger drum, you can choose it to save the space in your laundry room. It is very important if you need to place as more units as possible in one room. This will maximize your laundry facilities.

Another important factor is the range of features, such as different wash cycles, settings, washer clean cycle. Some commercial washers can clean themselves, which is a very important part of the washer maintenance. If there is such cleaning cycle, you will save money on regular drum cleaning, that is usually performed by a specialist. Also you need to check, whether a washing machine provides enough features for coping with different laundry tasks you have.

You can select either top or front loaded items. If you need to place washing machines one on another, in two rows, only front loaders suit this purpose. Moreover, front-loaded machines consume less water. Usually they are more compact than top loaders. The main advantage of top loader is its cheaper price, if to compare front- and top-loader with the same functionality. Top-loaded washer allows adding new clothes during the wash cycle, while adding clothes to a front-loader is blocked after wash cycle started.

The choice of heavy duty washers is not so big as the assortment of consumer home washing machines. The best heavy duty washing machine of the year is Whirpool LSQ8033 Series 8. This one doesn’t have inner water heater, but allows to work from the hot water intake. Moreover, it provides very quick but high-quality wash cycles that is an important advantage for commercial laundry.

As an alternative to this model you may pay attention at Whirpool HDW. This front-loader is certified as energy efficient and has one year warranty.